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Don't Let Your Mortgage Company Stress You Out.
Does your current situation place you in a position that you might be in danger of losing you home?   Talking to the Mortgage Company can be frustrating.   If you are experiencing hardship but still current with your payments, threatened by Foreclosure, in Foreclosure, threatened by Foreclosure Sale, in Foreclosure Sale or your home has been sold, give us a call, e-mail, wtire to us or use our contact page.
FREE MODIFICATION SERVICES, INC, a Not for Profit, was incorporated under the Laws of the State of New York and started operating in August 2009.   To date, we have over 64 active accounts.   You can follow the progress on the Mortgage Modification tab, pages one through ten.   We have not lost a house nor do we intend to, as we know that such a precious asset can be hard to come by but can easily be taken away through trickery and major lack of understanding of the Mortgage process.   On behalf of our clients we negotiate with their Mortgage Company such as; CHASE HOME FINANCE, WELLS FARGO HOME MORTGAGE, WASHINGTON MUTUAL, EVERHOME MORTGAGE BANK, AURORA LOAN SERVICES, BANK OF AMERICA, COUNTRYWIDE, HSBC BANK, AMERICAN SERVICING COMPANY, ULSTER SAVINGS BANK, SAXON MORTGAGE SERVICES, HOMEQ LOAN SERVICING,   CARRINGTON MORTGAGE SERVICES, HUNTINGTON MORTGAGE and OCWEN LOAN SERVICING to name a few. 
We successfully negotiated with HUNTINGTON MORTGAGE GROUP (now Huntington  Bank)and had the new Mortgage payment reduced from over $900.00 per month to $760.15,  AURORA LOAN SERVICING (now Aurora Bank) went from $1,900.00 covering Principal and Interest reduced to $1,203.00, now covering Principal, Interest, Taxes and Home Owners Insurance.   In addition, Modifications have been received form CARRINGTON MORTGAGE SERVICES, SETERUS, INC, BANK OF AMERICA, CHASE, and WELLS FARGO.   There are several cases in review, the others awaiting request for additional information to assign them for review.   This just gives you an idea of our ability to make a positive impact in your situation.   It is important to remember, we cannot make your situation any worse and financially you have nothing to lose, as our services are completely FREE. 
The turnaround time is usually 3 months from the date that we receive all the required documents that we are made aware as to the decision from theMortgage Company.   However, we have had final response take as long as 1year and 6 months.   This is usually due to the workload of the particular Mortgage Company.
Our extensive experience in negotiating with Financial Institutions is what makes our efforts successful.   Applying our state-of-the-art approach along with acceptable  business strategies when dealing with  Mortgage Companies, places us in a position to achieve the goals required by our clients.  We therefore outrank anyone considering themselves our competitor.   The Government recently held a Lottery to assist New York Home Owners in retainig their homes.   We submitted 13 applications of which 9 were given appointments to submit the required documents, to date, September 9, 2011, of those, 6 have been seen and the documents submitted.   We can safely say without fear of contradiction that no other Organization can show this type of success. 
 We offer:
  • Innovative and reliable Mortgage Solutions
  • Immense experience without a fee
  • Short-term and long-term assistance
  • Budget Planning, set-up and maintenance
  • Ongoing assistance and support
Call us today to preserve your dignity and save your home!
Remember - Our Services Are FREE!!!!!
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