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With over 35 years in the Business Industry, Ron is able to assess your situation and find a solution.   He is knowledgeable of the procedures of all the Banks and most of the Financial Institutions that offer Residential Mortgages. They are all aware that he will offer a solution and therefore avail themselves to discussions.   His success rate to date is 100% and he is well respected by the Officers in the Institutions that he has had to deal with.   His vocabulary does not have the words; "cant", "impossible", "cannot", "will not", "no", "loss or lose" or any other nagative word as he believes every question has an answer and every problem has a solution you just have to seek the person or Institution that possess all these.
Office Manager
Has over 26 years experience in the field of Management and Human Resources. Sereta ensures that the office procedures and policies are implemented in a timely manner and that all involved are brought up to date as soon as changes are made.
Account Officer
Worked in sales and overnight stocking with various companies for over 3 years. Andrew makes sure that the documentation required to complete the Mortgage Modification are in place before any file is passed to the President. He does follow-up with the relevant Bank or Financial Institution, thereby speeding up the process.
Soon to come on board!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Attorney-at-law (in discussions to come on board by October 1, 2011)
Paralegal   (now on board since August 1, 2011)
Legal Secretary (now on board since today, September 1, 2011)
Architect  (now on board since August 1, 2011)
Handyman  (now on board since August 1, 2011)
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